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    Turtle enjoying a bath)

    So cute c:

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    What's a PSAT?


    P: Piano Recital

    S: Simultaneously

    A: At

    T: The Same Time

    • psat: please flip to the back of your testing booklet and select your religious affiliation
    • choices: 50 shades of christian
    • bae: come over ;)
    • me: i cant im thinkin bout crimson leaves
    • bae: my parents arent home
    • me: u didnt even ask about my calligraphy bae
  • PSAT knows where to hit us where it hurts (via ozxira)


  • "Unfortunately, for J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter fans, the movies cannot be like the books BECAUSE THEY ONLY HAVE TWO HOURS TO FIT EVERYTHING IN"